The Scariest Experience Adam Savage Had on Mythbusters

“Calm people live, tense people die.” That’s a quote to remember. He is a really great story-teller.

I’ve been in a vehicle that flipped into a decent sized creek. Basically I was in 8th grade at the time and one Sunday my dad decided we’d go over to my grandmother’s house.

We always used the dirt road nearby to make the trip because it cut the distance in half. It had been raining for a solid week so the dirt road was muddy but nothing too bad. We started to go around a corner at about 25mph and the truck just lost all control as we hit a patch of clay.

For anyone who doesn’t know…Wet clay might as well be ice. As we’re sliding my dad slams the truck into 4WD and puts it in reverse but that didn’t help and we just slid slowly over the edge of the road and toppled over into the creek landing upside down.

Here’s where it gets fun. First off, I never took into account that I wouldn’t be able to quickly release my seat belt because I’m literally hanging upside down and all of my weight is pushing against the seat belt. Secondly, my dad – probably being in a slight panic – tried to roll down the windows so we could crawl out and must not have realized I was still stuck on my seat belt. He tried to roll down the window but seeing as they were electric they rolled down about 6 inches and then stopped.

Water is pouring in and rapidly beginning to rise above my head so I reached for my pocket knife and in pure panic managed to cut my seat belt. It was too late at that point though, I was fully panicked and swallowing water, etc. My dad managed to grab me and throw me up to where there was a little air bubble and eventually the windows decided to roll down all the way and we could swim out through the window.

I’m by far the calmest person I know and that experience took me to a level of panic I didn’t know I could feel. –fingerthief

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