Japanese Pool Player Gives Great Interview

“I no speak Englishness well”.  Interviewer asks him a 30 second question.  But I give the interviewer marks for not talking too fast at first, but it’s like he can’t help making complex sentences that the guy has no hope of understanding.

I like to think he can speak perfect English… he’s just screwing with everyone.

We had a couple Japanese members in band when I was in high school.  One of them spoke decent conversational English but I don’t think he ever let the staff or administration know that.  Any time he’d get called out for something or yelled at by teachers he’d look really confused and say “I no English!”  He’d give incorrect translations to the other Japanese members who couldn’t speak English to make us sound dumb.

The first day he got there he saw the baritone section and our pink running shorts and thought that we were all gay.  Dude was hilarious.

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